Meet Dr. Aaron Collins

Dr. Aaron Collins
I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in the health care field. The big decision was medical or dental school? That decision was influenced by my friendship with Dr. Franklin, my wife Tara, who started a career in dentistry in high school, the desire to have more family/free time, and by reminiscing about my experiences at the dentist as a child.

As a child, it was always a good day when my mom said she was picking me up from school for a dentist appointment. Aside from missing school, I enjoyed the actual cleaning of my teeth. It was so relaxing and I liked the conversation. My dentist always made me feel important. The fact that I have never had a cavity probably added to it being such a positive experience.

Patient Care

I want my enthusiasm for creating a positive experience for each of my patients to be felt instantly. My goal for every patient that walks through the front door is to make them feel special and provide them with the best care available anywhere.

The things that make my chosen career rewarding are providing patients with a positive and memorable experience, while forming friendships that will last a lifetime

A perfect day at work for me would be, regardless of the procedures performed, having parents, patients and employees happy and exuding positive vibes. I want them to know that every member of the Smiles family cares about them as human beings. As our saying goes, “It’s so much more than teeth.”



Dr. Collins completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Utah and subsequently relocated to Texas to manage a family business and attend dental school. He received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2003 and specialty diploma in pediatric dentistry in 2005, both from the University of Texas Dental School at San Antonio. During his residency, he completed extensive research in the area of cleft lip and palate. While in San Antonio he created an oral health community education program for preschool children and their parents.


Dr. Aaron Collins with his familyI adore my family. Each of my four children are unique in their personalities, interests, and desires. My wife Tara is so good at capitalizing all of their strengths and making them feel loved. My only complaint is that they grow up too fast. I’m constantly trying to convince my wife to have more.

My hobbies are usually the activities that my children enjoy. I try to align my interests with theirs. Occasionally, my desires take over and my interests which include the beach, fishing, golfing, and boating win out and my family pretends to have fun.

Kids bring out the best in me. I guess I’m truly still just a kid at heart.


I am routinely looking for opportunities to give back. I have been blessed beyond belief in my life and I want to share my happiness with others. All volunteer service provides me with the same level of satisfaction, but one that I have been overly passionate about, is a dental clinic outside of Chennai, India that my family has developed and operates. That place gives me the opportunity to forget about my needs, desires, and wants, and focus my heart and talents on others. I also try to take every opportunity to help those in our own community who suffer from and experience natural catastrophes and mishaps outside of their control.

I am thankful this profession allows me to use my God-given talents and provide service outside of my office, to those who are less fortunate and would otherwise not receive the care they deserve. I’ve always been passionate about community projects on behalf of children’s dental health.

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