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Credit Preventive Dental Services*

Patients under 18 who start orthodontic treatment, and are not currently Smiles pediatric dental patients, will receive a $100 credit to use toward preventive dental services during orthodontic treatment. Just our way of saying, “Try us, we think you’ll like us!”

Did you know that children should start seeing the dentist when they are young – very young? In fact, our pediatric dentists recommend that infants be seen and assessed around the time the first tooth erupts. Of course, this oral care schedule should continue as your child gets grows older, ensuring that they get the healthy teeth they deserve going into adulthood!

Our pediatric dentists offer the very best kids dentistry in Dripping Springs, TX – and beyond! Our approach is a unique and comprehensive one, as our team utilizes advanced technologies to deliver gentle care specially designed for children of all ages.

Pediatric Hygiene At Home

Dentist appointments are important, but the true building blocks of a healthy, lifelong smile start right in the home. Look in your refrigerator and pantries – do you see junk food and sugary drinks? If so, it’s time to integrate more whole foods into your child’s meal. Our pediatric dentists can work a whole lot of magic, but it’s the daily habits that count the most!

In addition to healthy eating, it’s key that your child follows a thorough tooth-brushing routine. Like adults, it’s recommended that children brush their teeth twice a day, each and every day. Because most children aren’t grown enough to give a two-minute brushing on their own, we advise helping your little one brush until they reach adolescence.

Your Child’s First Appointment

Our office is built for fun! To us, the very most important thing is to make all children feel comfortable so that they develop great impressions of the dentist at a very young age. Depending on the age of your child, the dentist may complete a visual check of the teeth, count how many are in place and talk with the child and parent about teeth care. Your child is ready for their first dentist appointment once they cut their first tooth!

Dental Sealants & Teeth-Strengthening Mineral Treatments

These days, dental sealants and mineral treatments are widely used to prevent cavities in growing mouths. Our Dripping Springs pediatric dentists use just the right amount of minerals to protect your child’s pearly whites from developing problems. We never use too much, or too little!

In addition to mineral treatment, we also use dental sealants to safeguard children’s smiles. Tooth sealants are generally applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, which is where most pediatric cavities are found. Sealants are long-lasting and act as a protective barrier against harmful food particles, sugar, plaque, and acids!

Our Child Dentists Are Here To Listen

Our team understands that it is you who knows your child best! That’s why we partner with you to ensure that all of your concerns and their concerns get addressed. These conversations help create treatment plans that are individualized to each child. We are also here to offer advice and guidance regarding pacifier and bottle use, thumb sucking, and food choices. Our goal is to set up all our patients for success, from the very beginning!

Sleep Apnea & TMJ Treatment

Does your child have trouble sleeping? Are they frequently fatigued, or do they have behavioral issues? If so, they could be suffering from sleep apnea. Our kids dentists in Dripping Springs work closely with trusted, local ear, nose, and throat doctors to help correct sleep apnea issues. If the problems are caused by orthodontic issues, such as a narrow palate, we might even recommend an appliance that can be prescribed by our doctors.

Likewise, if your child suffers from jaw pain or stiffness, our doctors will immediately assess them for TMJ disorder. Depending on the severity of your child’s case, we may recommend custom appliances, like nightguards. If your child needs extra support, we will refer them to an oral surgeon, facilitating the care along the way.

Sedation Dentistry For Anxiety & Special Healthcare Needs

We proudly provide care to all pediatric patients, including those with dental anxiety or special healthcare needs. If your child struggles in the dental chair, our doctors may offer the following levels of sedation:

  • Laughing Gas: Mild sedation
  • Oral Conscious Sedation: Moderate sedation
  • IV Sedation: Heavy sedation

Prior to building sedation into your child’s treatment plan, we will review their health history to make the safest, healthiest recommendation!

Pediatric Dentistry For Healthy Futures

Give your child the head-start they need! Call us today to schedule your child’s dental appointment.

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