Sedation Dentistry in Dripping Springs, TX

Does your child suffer from anxiety or light and sound sensitivity during dental appointments? Do they have special healthcare needs that make it difficult to sit through an appointment?

At Smiles of Dripping Springs, we offer the top sedation dentistry in Dripping Springs, TX because we see each patient like family. Before our pediatric dentists prescribe sedation, they will take the time to get to know your child and review their complete medical history, ensuring they get the safe care they deserve.

No matter their condition or reason, our dentists have the appropriate solutions to suit your child’s unique needs!

Sedation Dentistry For Children

Our local Dripping Springs, TX dentist’s office offers the following levels of sedation:

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas is used on children who have mild dental anxiety or for those who need extra help sitting still or relaxing in the dentist’s chair. It also helps temporarily slow the output of saliva and decrease patients’ overall awareness, making it simpler to administer an anesthetic injection, if necessary.

Dentists have been using this odor-free gas for over two centuries. It is delivered through a nasal mask before being swapped out with 100% oxygen within the last two minutes of the procedure’s completion. It’s the trusted choice for patients of all ages, including children, because it has no side effects and is dispensed through a comfortable nasal hood – no needles or pills required!

Unlike oral conscious sedation or general anesthesia, the effects of laughing gas completely dissipate after the gas is done being administered. This means that your child will be able to go back to school, go on a playdate, or attend their extracurriculars without any interruption.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Does your child have significant dental anxiety or special healthcare needs? If so, our doctors may offer oral conscious sedation to help them fully relax.

Oral conscious sedation is taken in juice form at our office prior to the procedure and can be used as both a mild and moderate sedative. Typically, the medication takes about 45 minutes to gain full effectiveness. While you and your child wait for it to begin working, you will be given a private room where both of you can relax in a peaceful, stress-free environment. During the procedure, your child may or may not fall asleep, but they will be completely relaxed.

Because the effects of oral conscious sedation last longer than the dental treatment, your child may be advised to rest for the duration of the day.

Deep Sedation

Deep sedation combines the powers of laughing gas and general anesthetic gas which is administered via a comfortable nasal mask. While in the dentist’s chair, your child can expect to drift off to sleep soon after the gas is delivered. Typically, we reserve this form of sedation for quick procedures, such as extractions. For most, IVs are not necessary – and patients are generally ready to leave within 20-30 minutes following the completion of the procedure.

Smiles of Dripping Springs works with SedaDent, a dental anesthesiology group that delivers this level of sedation right here at our dental office. The risks of adverse reactions are negligible, and serious complications are very rare. Prior to the procedure, a representative with SedaDent will explain the risks and benefits to you and ask you to sign a consent form.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia allows patients to be comfortably asleep for the duration of the procedure. Afterward, they will wake up with no memory of ever being in the dentist’s chair. Typically, this is offered to children with anxiety, advanced tooth decay, or the inability to cooperate during treatment. Many patients who opt for general anesthesia are either very young or have special healthcare needs that make dental visits particularly difficult.

As with all of our procedures, your child will be treated as an outpatient, allowing them to go home and rest soon after the treatment is completed.

Smiles of Dripping Springs contracts with SedaDent, a dental anesthesiology group, who will deliver the sedation right here in our dental office. The risks of adverse reactions are minimal, and serious complications are very rare. You will be advised of potential risks and benefits in an additional consent form provided by SedaDent. This consent is to acknowledge you have had your questions answered and you give authorization for SedaDent to perform the requested anesthesia on your child in our office.

Because the effects of IV sedation last longer than the dental treatment, your child may be advised to rest for the duration of the day.

Your Child Deserves Relaxing Dental Care

Dental treatments should never be uncomfortable or scary! Call Smiles of Dripping Springs today to learn more about our sedation dentistry for kids services!

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