Meet Our Team

Kelli Billings
Orthodontic Assistant

I love: cats & the Astros
My secret superpower: I can’t tell you… it’s a secret!

Ashley Moser
Orthodontic Assistant

I love: my family & traveling
My secret superpower: the power of suggestion

Cassye Peel
Orthodontic Assistant

I love: the beach & the lake
My secret superpower: making people laugh

Karla Vences
Orthodontic Assistant

I love: movies & books
My secret superpower: bringing peace!

Christi Moy
Orthodontic Treatment Coordinator

I love: cooking & crafts
My secret superpower: humor

Nicky Macias
Pediatric Dental Assistant

I love: spending time with my kids & fishing
My secret superpower: I can read minds

Stacey Durasinovic
Dental Hygienist

I love: family time & vacations
My secret superpower: making nervous kiddos comfortable at their dental visits

Melaine Haberman
Dental Hygienist

I love: my family & running
My secret superpower: I’m invisible

Katie Johnson
Dental Hygienist

I love: spending time with my fiance and our two dogs, Thor and Maverick & watching live music
My secret superpower: my black belt in karate 😉

Brianna Combs-Paul
Patient Coordinator

I love: my baby & Torchy’s Tacos
My secret superpower: making people laugh even when I’m not trying

Shelby Sievers
Patient Coordinator

I love: my dog Oliver (a longhaired dachshund) & chips and queso
My secret superpower: the ability to tune into other people’s emotions and adapt accordingly

Sarah Hunt
Pediatric Financial Coordinator

I love: family & chocolate
My secret superpower: always 2 steps ahead

Robbi VanPelt
Orthodontic Financial Coordinator

I love: grandbabies & dancing
My secret superpower: loving all people

Jacqueline Dao
Marketing Coordinator

I love: laughing and having fun
My secret superpower: finding the best deals for travel & food

Allie Harmon
Lab Technician

I love: friends and family & helping the community
My secret superpower: I bring the sunshine 🙂

Connie Cunningham
Lab Technician

I love: traveling & crocheting
My secret superpower: making people laugh

Natalia Zelensky
Lab Technician

I love: planting and watching things grow & dance parties with my family in the living room
My secret superpower: speaking my mind, even when it may not want to be heard

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