Sleep Apnea and TMJ Treatments in Austin, TX

Does your child have a hard time staying asleep? Or, do they frequently complain of jaw pain or stiffness? They may need to receive an assessment for either sleep apnea or TMJ disorder. Our Austin, TX dental office is filled with the latest dental technologies to ensure expert diagnoses for healthier outcomes!

Sleep Apnea & TMJ Treatment

If your child has trouble sleeping, is frequently tired, or struggles with behavioral issues, they may be suffering from sleep apnea. Our kids dentists work closely with trusted, local ear, nose, and throat doctors to help correct sleep apnea issues. If the problems are caused by orthodontic issues, such as a narrow palate, we might even recommend an appliance that can be prescribed by our doctors.

Similarly, if your child suffers from jaw pain or stiffness, the Smiles of Austin team can assess them for TMJ. Oftentimes, custom appliances, like nightguards, alleviate stress in many patients. If your child’s case is more severe, we will refer you to an oral surgeon and facilitate the entire process.

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